Even before this financial crisis caused by Covid-19, many people were already looking for sources of extra income to supplement the budget.

But how to have an extra income today that is profitable enough to overcome this financial crisis?

I could list you dozens of different and highly profitable ways. But I’m sure that only the 7 listed below will be enough to help you have much more than an extra income.

These 7 extra income ideas that I separated for you are among the most profitable and the most sought after by people who want to know how to have an extra income.

Particularly, I prefer digital options, but I’m sure you will identify with some of these 7 options.

1 – How to have an extra income with Profitable Gourmet Brigadeiros?

 brigadeiros para vender

Who doesn’t like chocolate, right?

The homemade manufacture of Gourmet Brigadeiros for sale has become one of the best and most profitable sources of extra income.

If you like to cook, have no doubt that making gourmet brigadeiros at home to sell is an excellent option and that will earn you great money.

On average, a person usually earns between R $ 3 and R $ 5,000 a month selling gourmet brigadeiros and this amount can go up a lot more if you sell for events such as birthdays, weddings and graduations.

2 – How to have an extra income with Cakes in the Gourmet Pot?

como ter uma renda extra

It is also an excellent option for those who want to know how to have an extra income working from home.

The manufacture of Cakes in the Gourmet Pot to sell is very high, as well as the demand for this type of product.

Your profit margin is also around R $ 5,000 a month, depending on how your production will be and the number of orders.

But an interesting point in this type of market is that as you start to produce and reach your first customers, you start on a growing ladder and without realizing it you will be serving more and more people and earning more and more.

3 – How to have an extra income with zero sugar sweets?

doces zero açucar

That would be your masterpiece.

If you choose to make brigadeiros and / or cakes in the pot and add options of zero sugar sweets, you will be running in front of the vast majority.

We know that many people have serious dietary restrictions due to diabetes.

And anyone who works with the manufacture of any type of candy should almost out of obligation, add sugar-free recipes for these people, but the truth is that the vast majority do not do this.

So, write down this tip and make it very visible for you to remember. Produce ZERO sugar candies that you will get along very well.

4 – How to have an extra income with Lunch Boxes Fitness?

como ter uma renda extra

Perhaps you have already thought about the possibility of preparing those good and traditional warm to sell. But did you know that there is a large audience interested in fitness food?

Well, there are now several restaurants whose main culinary specialty is almost entirely geared to the fitness universe.

Fitness lunchboxes are not only super hot, they are much easier to prepare and have a much higher financial return than conventional hot ones.

You certainly do not want to miss this opportunity or this highly profitable market share.

If you already make warm to sell, start adding the fitness lunch boxes to test and increase as you are successful and more in demand.

You only have to profit in this fitness market.

5 – How to have an extra income with crafts?

como ter uma renda extra

You have no idea how profitable working with crafts can be.

There are thousands of different options and trends for you to choose and profit from.

Handmade soaps (on the rise)

Aromatizers of handmade environments (on the rise)

Pet Accessories (on the rise)

Decorative items

You can manufacture all kinds of decorative pieces, spending a minimum amount on materials and having a high return.

There are many, many, many different profitable options for you to explore.

I tell you that this type of extra income has ceased to be an income and has become the main source of income for many families.

If you do a light search on Youtube you will find giant channels on crafts.

As I said, it has become much more than just extra income.

So, if cooking is not really your forte, it is very worth considering the possibility of working with handicrafts.

Just choose the type of merchandise you want to manufacture and get your hands dirty.

6 – How to have an extra income with cell phone concerts?

como ter uma renda extra

The smartphone market has never been more heated than in recent years and the trend is that it continues to grow more and more with the advancement of technology.

But the point that matters most to us is that right now there are thousands of people with their cell phones in need of some kind of repair or maintenance. Thousands of people who could be served by you.

Can you imagine the profit potential that this market has. Any type of repair most of the time costs almost the value of the device.

How many people do you think are out there who know how to fix cell phones? You just need one to get a sense of how few people work with it.

Do you know what that means? Too much customer and little competition. Qualified and scarce labor tends to be much more valued.

Think about this possibility, as it can end up making all the difference in your life.

7 – How to have an extra income on the internet?

como trabalhar em casa

This option for me is by far the best and most profitable. However, in some cases it may take a while to deliver results. That depends a little on people for person. That’s why I left it to the end.

Anyone who works as an affiliate works by selling products of other people or companies over the internet.

You register on the websites, choose the products you want to sell and receive a commission whenever someone buys through you.

It is an absurdly lucrative type of work, but it requires knowledge and dedication. So I said that in some cases the results can take a while to arrive.

But if for some reason you didn’t identify with any of the options above … maybe that option is exactly what you are looking for.

And I say this from my own experience, because since I started working at home as an affiliate my life has changed and improved more each day.

Here on my blog you will find a lot of material about the affiliate market.

In my opinion it is the best job market available today because you have no earning limits.

For you to have a little idea, there are currently affiliates that earn more than R $ 200 thousand per month and soon I also intend to be among them.

Of course, they didn’t have these results overnight, but it’s just for you to understand what this affiliate market is capable of.

If you haven’t identified yourself with any of the first 6 options, it’s worth checking out the 7th.

Click to watch a FREE lesson and learn more about how the affiliate market works and how you can start working from home as an affiliate.


Any questions you can leave in the comments or you can call me directly by whatsapp.

I hope you enjoyed these 7 extra income ideas and that some of them will really help you to overcome any financial crisis you may be going through right now.

I will end here. A big hug and see you next time.

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